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Moody changes from ACC to AFSOC

Lt. General Paul Hester, AFSOC Commander Lt. General Paul Hester, AFSOC Commander

September 30, 2003

Lowndes County - It's the dawning of a new day at Moody Air Force Base. "We'll change the ACC patch to the AFSOC patch," said Lt. General Paul Hester, AFSOC Commander.

The base is transitioning from Air Combat Command to Air Force Special Operations Command. "We are changing where the leadership, management, and funding comes from," said Hester.

Hester says the new designation will broaden command and leadership opportunities, and improve the overall integration of Air Force training. "When you put all the pararescuemen, fuel tankers, and everyone here under one umbrella, that means we have the single repository of being the holder of the standards of training," said Hester.

Besides a few cosmetic changes, like the new sign out front, the public won't notice much of a transition. But the changes inside these gates will make the airmen much more effective on the battlefield. "For example, we can use the pararescuemen from a special ops angle, but also from the combat search and rescue perspective," said Hester.

Lt. Gen. Hester guarantees that Moody's mission will stay the same, and no personnel will be relocated. "We want to assure the Moody community that they're going to stay here, we want and need them all here to fulfill the mission."

The change will become official Wednesday morning at a special re-designation ceremony.

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