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South Georgia temps fall

September 29, 2003

Albany-- It was a little cooler here in southwest Georgia today. While outside temperatures drop, your energy bill will rise. A hike in natural gas prices will be felt nationwide, but common sense can keep you out of debt.

Now is the time to save money, during the months you do not need your air or heat on, but we want to give you a heads up to get ready for December. This is especially true for natural gas user-- it might be tough on your pocket this year.

Chris Cody changes his air filter often. He learned from mistakes three years ago. "Several years ago I had a heating bill of roughly $341.00." His bill more than doubled the usual amount. "And I'm afraid its going to go higher again now," he said.

Water, Gas and Light spokesperson Lorie Farkas says Cody is probably right, especially natural gas prices. "We have no control over global economy and if the prices go up and it gets past onto customers, we want to give our customers some cost saving tips to our customers so they don't have a winter repeat from three years ago," she says.

How can you save money?

  • Experts say to change your air filter every month. The more dirt, the more you pay.
  • Let the sunshine in-- after all it's free heat.
  • You can also plan ahead by planting trees around your home that lose their leaves. "If our trees lose their leaves in the winter your going to get that good natural heat in your home with drapes open," says Farkas.

Farkas also urges you to keep your heat at 68 degrees. "We have ours on around 73, 77 and we're comfortable that way. Otherwise you have to wear heavy clothes around the house," Chris says.

Okay, not everybody agrees on the temperature setting. But, keeping it at 68 degrees could save up to 40 percent a month on your electric bill. It may be a little chilly in your home, but you can always throw on a sweater, warm socks and a blanket.

Some people sleep in hats and gloves, anything to save money.  This time of year temperatures bounce around. For gas users, If you do get your pilot light lit now, experts say keep it lit, don't extinguish it when it gets warmer. It will end up costing you more.

Water, Gas and Light in Albany buys as much gas as it can in the summer and stores it in Alabama. They will use some of that gas when prices get higher.

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