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Southwest Georgia businesses are hiring

September 29, 2003

Albany -- South Georgia businesses are hiring. The unemployment rate has sharply declined in the last month, and it is expected to take an even bigger dip in the coming weeks. Most stores are starting to hire for the holiday shopping season.

 Tiffany Allen leaves the Albany Target store with a smile, after landing the part time job she has been struggling to find. Allen said "Yes, it was really hard. I was filling out lots of applications at different places, and no was calling me back."

A student at Albany State, Tiffany wants a job to help pay for school. Target needs sharp people like her, as business starts to pick up after slow economic times. Personnel Manager Larry Lowe said "We can tell things are picking up. Based on what we are looking at now, we plan it's going to be some good Christmas."

Target is hiring full time and part time employees right now. The Georgia Department of Labor says most retailers are hiring now for the holiday season. That means stores and businesses are having to compete for the best employees. Lowe said "we are going to shoot for between 40 to 60. We'll start in mid-October and we'll gradually hire as needed until we get to Christmas.Hopefully by Thanksgiving, we'll be where we need to be."

Jobs have been scarce in Georgia the last couple of years. But it looks like that is changing. Georgia Department of Labor Manager Cherry Rizer said "This area is doing good. You can move around town and see the construction and job growth going on. That's jobs being added."

 Positive signs for the Southwest Georgia economy. Target is forecasting a profitable Holiday shopping season, with more people spending. That means they need more employees. For Tiffany Allen, that's good news, helping her find the job she wants.

 The Albany area unemployment rate is 4-point-7 percent, much lower than both the state and national rates.

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