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President Carter unveils new exhibit in Plains

September 29, 2003

Plains-- There's a new exhibit highlighting President Jimmy Carter's naval career. 300 Junior ROTC cadets helped the former President dedicated the new wing at the Plains High School Museum. Two cadets want to follow Carter's footsteps.

A standing ovation from 300 Junior ROTC cadets--and a question for them from the President, "So how many of you would like to enter the Navy and then go on to become President of the United States?"

Heather Gebhart and Lindsay Harlow will answer the call. These two high school juniors plan to enter the Navy like President Carter. Harlow says, "As a female I can't be on a sub but I'm interested in diving." Gebhart says, "I use to want to be on a submarine but I found out last year I couldn't so I kind of put it on the back burner."

Well, they can't follow Jimmy Carter's steps exactly--he served on a sub--but they are inspired by his example. Gebhart says, "That's pretty awesome how someone like Jimmy Carter--he's like awesome, like a great guy--he started out small in the Navy and you could be just like that and maybe one day be President."

One day maybe they'll be President, just like the man standing before them. President Carter offers some advice, "But in the meantime the way to get there is to serve your country with the United States Navy."

But for now, these future leaders are observing the history of a former leader, and learning by example. Also on exhibit is a replica of the USS Jimmy Carter, the attack submarine that's set to launch next year. It is the longest of the Seawolf Class submarines that were built.

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