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Nashville girl wins hero award

Lauren Dillingham with Senator Chambliss Lauren Dillingham with Senator Chambliss

September 29, 2003

Nashville - Eight year old Lauren Dillingham is a real American hero. "When I was in Scottish Rite at Valentines Day I got some cards and toys so when I got out, I started collecting things to give them at Christmas and make them happy like I was," said Lauren.

She called her toy drive the "Love, Lauren" project, and it won her a V.I.P trip to Washington D.C. "We toured the White House, the Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, and the Lincoln Memorial," said Lauren.

Accompanied by her mother, Rhonda and brother, Kalen, Lauren and four other national hero winners got the royal treatment in Washington D.C. "We saw the green room, red room, library, and everything was so shiny and gold!," said Lauren.

They even got a pat on the back from the nation's leaders. "We got to meet Saxby Chambliss and Zell Miller and had our pictures made with them," said Lauren.

But Lauren isn't just a one time hero. This past weekend, she sponsored a golf tournament that raised $3000 for next year's project. "We gave first, second, and third place checks and they all gave them back to us," said Lauren.

Lauren has a simple definition of a hero. "It's someone who does something for others and earns it, not just because its fun, but to help someone else," said Lauren.

A simple definition, but a perfect description of herself.

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