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Park build comes to a close

September 28, 2003

Albany- There was no Sunday rest and relaxation for Turtle Grove volunteers as the play park build came to a close.

Even organizers can hardly believe their eyes as the park takes shape.

"We've made a lot of close friendships and we've met a lot of people and we've got a lot of things done, but we're going to miss it. We're not going to know what to do with ourselves, especially the leaguers afterwards. There's a group of about 60 women that have put their hearts into it for about a year," says Amanda Lumsden, PR director of Turtle Stew.

Though Sunday was the final day of the build, the memories will last forever.

"There was nothing here. There was no playground. There was nothing erected at that point and we sort of shot it from the ground up so to speak," says photographer Quintin Jackson.

Jackson has been documenting the entire building process, capturing the work and the most importantly the spirit of volunteerism.

"At the end of the day I can't wait to get back to the studio, load the pictures up, and just start looking at them to see if I got what I thought I got when I was looking through the camera," he exclaims.

Though less than one full acre, Turtle Grove will include dozens of activities for children, making the area a virtual playground for Jackson's photographic eye.

"I can't wait to shoot this park as a photographer when it is actually finished," he says.

And as volunteers finish tiling, erecting, and smoothing, Jackson will soon get his chance.

The Junior League will hold the grand opening of the Turtle Grove play park in October.

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