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Former nurse charged with second sexual assault

September 26, 2003

Albany--Albany police charged a former nurse with a second count of sexual assault of a person in custody, and they want to know if there are other victims.

Two women claim 55-year Larry Maxie Atkins touched them inappropriately while they were patients at Palmyra Medical Centers.  They complained to hospital staff. 

By law, the hospital is obligated to report abuse allegations against elderly or disabled people to Adult Protective Services, prosecutors, or police. We know the hospital did not notify police or the district attorney. No one at Palmyra will tell us if they contacted anyone within the Department of Human Resources. Palmyra C-E-O Allen Golson released a statement today saying the hospital will cooperate with law enforcement, but no hospital representatives would answer any questions.

In July a 78-year old woman went to police and reported the assault she says happened in June. Investigators arrested Atkins last month. When we aired that story, a 56-year old former Palmyra patient told police Atkins assaulted her in May. Investigators charged him with that crime yesterday.

Albany Police Lt. Kenn Singleton said, "In the event that there are other victims out there, we'd like for them to contact the Albany Police Department or they can call the District Attorney's office, but we want them to come forward."

Atkins posted five thousand dollars bond immediately after his arrest yesterday and never went to jail. Albany Police want any other possible victims to call them at 431-2123.


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