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Officers using roadblocks to check license and insurance

September 26, 2003
Albany- It's Corporal William Dowdell's job to make sure drivers follow the rules.

"Good evening," he said to a driver stopped at the roadblock on Westover Boulevard Friday night. "We're checking driver's license and insurance cards."

He's part of this task force getting drivers off the road who shouldn't be there.

"Those with suspended driver's license, DUI violations, that type thing," Dowdell said.

In Georgia, traffic fatalities outnumber murders three to one. We've had 14 in Dougherty County in the last four months.

Officers usually hand out about 100 tickets on nights like this, with infractions ranging from not having proof of insurance to not having your child in a proper seat.

"We're not trying to inconvenience anybody," said Michelle DeMott, director of Albany Safe Communities. "We're tying to keep our population safe and our citizens safe."

Most drivers in line, don't seem to mind.

"It's a good thing," said driver Henry Broughton. "There's a lot of people out here without insurance that should have their cars taken away."

"This time of day it's not aggravating," said another driver Lillian Whitlock. "But had it been 5 o'clock, 12 o'clock, or rush-hour traffic, it may have been bad."

So, it may make you a little late for your Friday night plans.

"We're trying to keep you safe from this person, somebody who we just arrested for drunk driving that you don't want on the road with your family," DeMott said.

But Officer Dowdell may take someone off the road who would keep you from getting there at all.

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