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School spirit is high in South Georgia

September 26, 2003

Albany - Painted faces, painted signs, painted floats...It's homecoming week, and students are in high spirits. Homecoming is a time to celebrate your school, and each student has his own definition of what that means.

Haley Gordon says, "It's about being loud, and having fun and just screaming." And Westover High's Most Spirited, Michael Crocker says it's, "Time for us to get the football team pumped up. I just go all out and wear my red, white and blue."

And, of course, what would a pep rally be...without cheerleaders. Cheerleader Lauren Stadnick says, "It's really fun, everybody dresses up and we work really hard for the homecoming pep rally."

Homecoming queens will be announced at the games tonight. And dances will be held tomorrow night.

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