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Reservist back from Camp Lejune

September 26, 2003

Albany - More than three dozen south Georgia marine reservists are back home. They never went overseas, but they did spend almost eight months working on the home front so other troops could go to the frontline. Twenty-two-year-old Lance Corporal Robert Nash smile and says, "I'm glad to be home."

Nearly 40 marines came back to the Albany Marine Base after eight months working at Camp Lejune. Sgt. Shawn Milton says, "It was definitely stressful on the family, but as the time went on it got easier especially because I brought my family with me. I got to watch my family develop."

Milton officially started a family a week before his orders to leave. He adds, "When I was activated he was a week old so that was particularly hard on me."

His now eight-month-old son, Andrew, and wife joined him in North Carolina. Milton says, "There's nothing like coming home."

Milton has been a reservist for at least six years. He says, "I always questioned how vital I would be to the Marine Corp if activated. We stepped in and ran vital jobs."

This is the last group of MCLB reservist scheduled to come back, but they are always on call.

The marine reservists were working in supply departments. They were activated early February.

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