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Animal corpses found in creek

September 26, 2003

Tift County- Animal Control officials couldn't believe what they found off the side of Wiley Branch Road Tuesday afternoon.

"We found where the horse had been shot between the eyes two times and thrown over here in this creek and we got the county out here and they fished the horse out for us. There was also a dog floating and my officers got over and got the dog out and he had been shot between the eyes it was a little terrier," Tifton-Tift County Animal Shelter Director Reginia Wells.

Wells says officials couldn't tell if the same type bullet killed both animals, but believes the animals had been dead for at least 24 hours.

"They were probably standing right here when they shot him and the weeds are kind of thrown over. He was laying over there on his side in the water," explains Wells.

Officials believe the horse may have shot because it was sick. Still, Wells urges people to call her office before they illegally dump a dead animal.

"Call us and let us handle it. Call us and we'll work with them in any way we can to not just throw something like this over here, that's like throwing a human being these animals have personalities too," she says.

Wells has gotten several leads and says the case should be wrapped up by the beginning of next week.

Offenders could face $15,000.00 in fines for illegal dumping and a year to five years jail time for animal cruelty.

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