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Peanut harvest underway

September 26, 2003

Dougherty Co. - The 2003 peanut crop promises to have a huge economic stimulus for the area economy.

 As the peanuts are dug out of the ground, it means over one hundred million dollars in economic impact for the Albany area. Agronomist say the 2003 crop will not break records, but will have an outstanding yield of over three thousand pounds per acre.

That promises a profit for farmers, and local businesses. "When the farmers across the state, particulary in South Georgia, have a good production year," said UGA Agronomist Dr. John Beasley. "That puts more money in their pockets. They are going to buy more clothes, more vehicles, and they are going to spend more entertainment dollars. That will be a catalyst to turn the economy in the state around."

Peanuts are the state's third largest cash crop, with over $400 million in sales a year. Agriculture is Georgia's biggest industry, with over $6 billion dollars of products a year.

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