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Deputy Dogs are hot on the trail

832's Georgia Sweet 832's Georgia Sweet

September 26, 2003

Cook County - Police dogs used to search for missing children and criminal suspects are trained right here in South Georgia. The 832 K-9 Deputy Dogs get their schooling in Cook County.

One smell of a handkerchief and a bloodhound named Captain is off on a journey to find it's owner. "It's just an instinct they're born with," said Bob Myers, Dog Trainer.

The hunted is almost half a mile away, but in just minutes, Captain's mission is complete. Today it's just a training exercise but tomorrow, it could be a life saving rescue. "Any search, whether it be for a missing child, alhiemerz patient, or kidnapping victim" said Myers.

But it's not always the lost they're looking for, the dogs are also used to hunt crime suspects. "We got a call recently saying that one of our dogs had found an armed robbery suspect in Arkansas they had been looking for for days," said Myers.

Although they're born with a good nose, it takes countless hours of training to learn their skills. "It's basically a game of hide and seek and teaching them to pick out certain scents," said Myers. "The more we do it, the better they get."

832 K-9 Deputy Dogs is a non-profit organization. They depend on donations to keep their business thriving. "With the nation's budget cuts, these agencies can't afford a $3,000.00 dog so we're able to provide them with the help they need," said Myers.

And their donation could save your life, or help find the person who tried to take it away.

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