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Economy may be on road to recovery

September 25, 2003

Albany- Jaye and Tony Washington both like to shop. Adding different shirts to his wardrobe is where Jaye likes to spend his fun money.

"You can make a totally different outfit with just a shirt," Jaye said while looking through clothes at American Eagle in the Albany Mall.

Tony's clothes shopping hasn't been affected by a slow economy. He's still been out there spending money.

"More on clothes to be honest with you," he said. "I've bought more clothes this year than I did the previous year, even though the economy has been a lot worse this year."

Apparently there are other shoppers a lot like Tony.

According to a monthly Survey, consumer confidence is on the rise. In fact, right now, it's at its highest all year. But not all shoppers are convinced.

"With the economy no," Jaye said. "I think it's still taking short little steps, but I don't think it's any better than it was a year ago."

Whether the economy is on the way up, as long as there's a little extra cash in their pockets, they'll keep on shopping.

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