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Church roof collapses

September 25, 2003

Americus-- A church sanctuary under construction collapses, sending a roofer 35 feet to the concrete below. Amazingly, he wasn't seriously hurt.

The pastor of the Williams Road Church of Christ says the build will continue, but it is anyone's guess when work will resume.

Collapsed rafters and bowed walls make a mess of what's to become a new place of worship. Minister Keith Wishum says, "I heard a commotion in the office and came running out and realized things had fallen. There was a good bit of confusion while we called an ambulance to make sure this fella was okay."

The roofer is okay, but he suffered a tremendous fall, 35 feet from the roof's peak to the cement floor. Wishum says, "Everybody is okay, no one was hurt, that's the major thing, and everything else will work out with time."

Williams Road Church of Christ Minister Keith Wishum is very optimistic today, though no work is being done of the new auditorium, "Oh, we were hoping to have it done a year ago, but those things never happen on time. Seriously where we are right now we were hoping to have it complete by the end of the year."

It won't be done at the end of this year, and it's hard to say when work will resume, "We are going to build one way or another, whatever it takes." And it's going to take time and prayer for this congregation.

They don't yet know why the roof collapsed. There were four other workers on the roof, but they got down safely.

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