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Shooting victim wakes from semi-coma

Sumter Co. Sheriff Bob Ingle Sumter Co. Sheriff Bob Ingle

September 25, 2003

Columbus-- Jermaine Tullis was shot Monday morning in his Americus' Rock Hill Subdivision Road home, where he lives with his grandparents. He's been in a semi-coma at Columbus Medical Center ever since.

While he lay bleeding from a gunshot to his head, 18-year-old Tullis told his grandfather he knew who shot him.

Investigators want an arrest before a potential gang war erupts. "We want to know exactly what happened, who was involved," said Sumter County Bob Ingle.

The Sheriff says he's hearing about threats of retaliation for the shooting, which he thinks may be gang related.

Now, since Tullis is coming around, and is ready to talk. They are hoping to get some answers. "Was there one shooter, two shooters? Who the shooters were, it's definitely known the victim knows who the perpetrators are and we need to know who that is so we can do our job and proceed on to clean up the community," said Ingle.

Sheriff Ingle says people in the community are stepping in to talk to friends of the victim in hopes of calming the cries for retaliation.

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