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Georgia's Do Not Call list remains intact

(Atlanta-AP) -- Georgia's "do-not-call" list remains intact despite a ruling by a federal judge in Oklahoma City that the Federal Trade Commission overstepped its bounds by creating the list, designed to block calls from telemarketers.

The state's list -- already in operation -- is separate from the national registry.

Numbers stay on the state list for two years for a five-dollar fee. To join Georgia's list, consumers may call the state Public Service Commission at 1-811-426-6225 or use the Web site.

Meanwhile, in Washington, lawmakers are moving quickly to try to defend the national "do-not-call" list. The Senate and House are to consider legislation today that would ensure that the free government service goes into effect as scheduled next week.

A flood of congressional proposals defending the list came just hours after the announcement of the federal judge's ruling. Lawmakers have introduced bills to give the FTC explicit authority to create and operate the list.

There are more than 50 million registered phone numbers.

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