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National Guard troops may have work in Iraq

September 24, 2003

Moultrie- At Heritage Church, Brian Lassetter leads the senior high youth group.

But as a company commander in the National Guard, he could be leading men and women into Iraq.

"I understand that to continue to have peace and democracy, someone has to maintain order," Lassetter said.

The Pentagon is saying more guard and reserve forces may have to be called up for duty in Iraq if other countries don't jump in with a quick pledge for thousands of more troops there. If Lassetter is one of those, it will leave a hole in this youth group that the members hope is only temporary.

"When I think about him going over there, it would be a blow to our church because he such a vital part of our youth group, but I understand that somebody has to go over there," said John Michael Hall, a member of the youth group.

In Iraq, Lassetter's job would be security and to help maintain peace.

"Somebody has to have the call to arm, and somebody has to be willing to stand there and pick up that rifle and say nothing's going to happen while you're on my watch."

But after leading men and women over seas, he'll be glad to return to a job he holds even closer to his heart. Leading young people to God.

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