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Albany woman loses home to Hurricane Isabel

September 24, 2003

Albany - One Albany Woman lost her childhood home in the powerful hurricane. And, for her, it's a repeat of a Mother Nature's devastation.

"It completely leveled the house," says Slaymaker.  "There is nothing there. Not a plate. There's nothing there to pick up and hug and remember as being part of it"

Her North Carolina home was destroyed last week when Hurricane Isabel slammed the area.  She says it's, "Absolute devastation. It brings back all the memories of your childhood, and that was really the last one that I had."

And this isn't the first time Slaymaker has lost a home to natural disaster.  "When you're thirteen you cry and you miss your home, but it doesn't have the memories that the one where I raised the children and my heart had really been into. This was a harder hit to me than the other one."

But now she's left with rebuilding her memories along with the home. The home was the second oldest home in Kittyhawk. Darlene Slaymaker says she will either rebuild in the same location, or add on to another house she owns.

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