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Hunter becomes the hunted

September 24, 2003

Webster County -- " Terry Hugh Lowry of Moultrie is wanted for selling cocaine and methamphetamine.

He was spotted during surveillance of his deer camp in northern Webster County Tuesday, but he ran. Officers from four counties are looking for Lowry, who's believed to be armed with two rifles.

Blood hounds are trying to pick up 55-year-old Terry Lowry's scent. He was last spotted off Seminole Road at 10:00 Wednesday morning. "We feel like we have him better confined today than yesterday," said Webster County Sheriff Robbie Wells. "I would have thought at seven that this thing would be over by dinner today." 

Confined to about a 200 acre area, the woods here are thick, and it's making the search difficult. "The thicker the woods it makes it real difficult, we have areas here that are so thick you can't get through it, and he is managing to get through there," said Wells.

This area is mostly woods. The few homeowners have been alerted about the manhunt. "I mean it was a real surprise to see the cars going up the road, and the helicopter and all," said resident Ederess Irving.

Ederess has known Lowry for twenty years. "I thought he was pretty fair fella, I didn't know he was into the stuff he was into."

Lowry's been hunting deer in these woods for more than two decades, and he knows these woods better than those searching for him. A fact that is making finding Lowry difficult.

Terry Lowry is facing federal and state drug charges. Lowry is a convicted felon. He served time in the eighties for theft.

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