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Albany looking for new Trash men

September 23, 2003

Albany - The city dumps its trash collector, and that means your garbage bill will likely go up. Tuesday night, city commissioners voted not to renew the city's $1,800,000 contract with Onyx Waste Services.

Onyx collected yard and household trash west of North Slappey, but the city wasn't happy with its work. In July, the city held Onyx in breech of contract for falling behind in yard trimming pick-up. This month, the city accused Onyx of violating its contract by combining yard and household waste and dumping it in the county's landfill.

The city gave Onyx 90-days notice. "We're disappointed," said Greg Walk, Onyx Spokesperson. "We hoped to work with the City to change some of their ordinances regarding co-mingled trash and to continue our contract."

Onyx plans to put in a new bid, but company leaders say any company's bid will likely be higher than the current deal. That means higher garbage bills.

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