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Safety advocates stress proper ATV use

September 23, 2003

Albany- Most ATV's are only designed to accommodate on rider. ATV salesman Wilson Holloway six people on one 4-wheeler is unbelievable. "

His business stocks the same type 4-wheeler in Saturday's fatal crash.

"At the ages that they were you probably had maybe two or three people on the seat itself, one or two on the rear rack and maybe one of two on the front," explains Holloway.

He says the excess weight definitely influences the stability of the vehicle and if that isn't equally distributed it's difficult for even the most experienced riders.

Each tire on a 4-wheeler can only sustain four pounds of pressure. Steering can become nearly impossible if those tires are overloaded and riding on pavement.

"You have a driver that is out on a vehicle that is meant for the road, it was not a licensed driver, it was an inexperienced driver, at night, on a curve, with an overloaded vehicle and it was a tragedy waiting to happen," says traffic safety advocate Michelle DeMott.

She says being a traffic safety advocate can be a hard job especially when you have to use tragedy to get people to focus on safety.

"You have to use common sense and use good judgement because you are the parent or you are the caregiver and its your responsibility to keep children safe," says DeMott.

ATV salesman stress proper use includes wearing safety gear, riding an age appropriate machine, and following all manufacturer riding instructions posted on each vehicle.

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