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Will D.A. re-try mayor?

September 23, 2003

Albany-- The Dougherty District Attorney hasn't decided if he'll re-try Dawson Mayor Robert Albritten on forgery and insurance fraud charges.

A Dougherty County jury found Albritten not guilty on six counts of forgery, and one count of insurance fraud. Jurors could not agree on 21 other counts, ending in a mistrial. Albritten is accused of falsifying insurance forms on elderly people in personal care homes without their knowledge.

District Attorney Ken Hodges say he is considering retrying the case. "We can't give him a free pass just because he holds an elective office. In fact I think elected officials ought to be held to a higher standard."

"I think the fact that he is the Mayor played into the decision not to convict, according to other conversations we have had with jurors. The question of whether or not we are going to allocate resources to go to another trial I have not yet determined."

Hodges said he will decide on retrying Albritten in October before the November trial term.

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