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Town tries to recall mayor

Arlington Councilman Bill Clark Arlington Councilman Bill Clark
Arlington Mayor Turner Bostwick Arlington Mayor Turner Bostwick

September 23, 2003

Morgan-- An Arlington councilman says the mayor spends money without telling the council and sold land to the city without going through proper procedures.

The councilman and the mayor went in front of a Superior Court judge Tuesday.

Land in Arlington sparked Councilman Bill Clark to launch a recall of the mayor. "The mayor is using his own discretion, he's not listening to anybody. We're gonna bring him down out of office."

Mayor Turner Bostwick sold the land to the city for $10,000 without notifying the probate judge. Bostwick says the city's attorney, Tommy Coleman, did not give them the right legal information. "He did not do it properly. He brought it back to the council and acted on it, the council voted on it except for Mr. Clark."

On the recall application, the petition chairperson, Raymond King wrote this as an explanation supporting grounds for recall, "Have lost the trust of the community by supporting and or violating laws and ordinances".

Ten people, including King, supported that statement. "Under the present recall, I don't know how the court can move forward with people signing the recall, not knowing what the recall is about," said Bostwick.

The judge decided the petition was not legally sufficient and told Clark to start over. Clark said, "We already had a petition concerning the sell of land so the people knew what was happening in the city of Arlington."

Clark also says Bostwick made purchases without the council's consent. He showed the judge checks with only the mayor's signature. "We shouldn't be in a condition where checks are signed..."

"You need to address the bank for honoring a check that's required two signatures instead of blaming me for the clerk not signing a check. That's ridiculous," said the mayor.

The first petition had 235 signatures against the Mayor selling land to the city. There are 1,007 registered voters in Arlington, which is in both Early and Calhoun Counties.

No word on when another hearing is planned. Bill Clark plans to appeal the judges decision of re-doing the petition.

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