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Bothersome allergies? You are not alone.

September 23, 2003

Albany-- Weeds are pollinating and that means allergies. South Georgians are suffering with the typical sneezing, coughing, and sniffling symptoms that go with the season. Allergists say the problems are peaking.

Marcia Taylor enjoys walking her dog Beemer, but lately her allergies have been slowing her down, "Even to the point like you know of staying inside like I say because I love to go walking."

But with every step, she is surrounded by allergy-inducing weeds, "I guess the last couple weeks have been really bad."

"It seems like in the last two or three weeks we have seen a significant increase in symptoms." Allergist Larry Smith can spot pollinating weeds everywhere, even behind his Albany office. It's hard to say how long this allergy season will last, "But it really depends on how much warm weather we have, rain we get, and when we are going to get the first frost."

Marcia Taylor says, "Yeah, headaches, a lot of stuffiness where you can't hear." Sound familiar? Marcia's symptoms are typical of hay fever, "I've been taking over the counter medications for them and of course trying to stay inside as much as possible but I couldn't today, it's beautiful."

It's hard to avoid the weeds and the gorgeous fall weather, but limiting your time outside can help alleviate your symptoms. Dr. Smith says besides the typical hay fever symptoms, he has seen a lot of patients with upper respiratory problems lately, like bronchitis. There have also been more flare ups of asthma.

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