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Berrien residents want roads fixed

September 23, 2003

Nashville - People living on County Road 178 in Berrien County want commissioners to clean up their roadways. When it rains, every road around their homes floods with at least two inches of water, and the only way out is on County Road 179.

But that road leads through a field and they have to dodge hay bails to get to the highway. They want the field scraped, but county commissioners won't take action because some think the road was closed several years ago.

"I'm not sure whether it's closed or not, and I wouldn't know without spending hours of time researching and talking to former county commissioners," said Commissioner James Griner.

"It's not safe, and if we needed assistance from an emergency vehicle, it would have big problems getting through there," said Tom Hancock.

Commissioners haven't found any county records that say whether the road was closed or not. They say they'll do more research, and discuss the matter at their next meeting, October 13th.

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