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Double shooting in Sumter County

The victim's grandfather, John Tullis The victim's grandfather, John Tullis

September 22, 2003

Americus-- A bizarre double shooting Monday morning has left the only person who can identify the shooter struggling to stay alive.

Around 4:00 a.m., a gunman fired three rounds at 18-year-old Jermaine Tullis and 24-year-old Antaraus Jones while they were inside their home.

Their grandfather was asleep in the next room, "Bam, bam, bam, just like that!" Gunshots woke John Tullis, who was fast asleep a few feet away.

Tullis says, "Bam, bam, bam. Just like that. Then I hesitated for about a minute. By that time he was cranking the car up then. I started looking through side window then, I heard the car go yooow, and I said whoever it is driving a standard shift." And that's about all that's known about the shooter right now--but he says his grandson, Jermaine Tullis, knows who shot him.

Tullis says he leaned over Jermaine and asked, "Do you know who did it? Do you know who did it? He said 'Yeah but I can't tell you right now.' He was in shock, pain he couldn't tell us who did it. He said 'I'll tell you later on.'"

Jermaine was shot twice--once in the head. He lost a lot of blood. "He shot him slanted like this. The bullet went through and took the eye out then went out the left jaw over there."

Jermaine's cousin, 24-year-old Antaraus Jones, was shot in the hand by a ricocheted bullet--but he didn't get a good look at the shooter. Only Jermaine knows. Tullis says, "That's what we want to know. We want him to get better so he can tell us who it was."

Family and friends want to know who shot Jermaine and Antaraus-- but only time will tell.

Antaraus Jones was transferred to a Macon Hospital for surgery to his wounded hand. Jermaine Tullis was taken to the Columbus Medical Center Trauma Unit. Sumter County Investigators are standing nearby in case Tullis is able to tell them who the shooter is.

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