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Warwick not just about Grits anymore

September 20, 2003

WARWICK - Warwick is a small town many pass through without much thought. But, to the locals, it's a big dot on the National map of food. Probably most famous for their National Grits Festival, Warwick also pays tribute to another favorite food - Chili.

If only there were such a thing as smell-o-internet.  The aroma of spiced-up chili and mouth-watering ribs filled the air in downtown Warwick.

"They (are) serious about competion chili," Vann Jones, chairman of the Chili and Ribs cook-off said about the teams. 

Men and women from all across the Southeast -- some as far away as Texas -- stirred into town for the Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) cook-off.  "It's a sport,"  Jones said.

Allen McCorvey of Sylvester is a novice when it comes to competitions but not to cooking.  "I've been cooking all my life -- various things,"  he said.

Saturday,  he was concentrating on his chili, the ingredients of which he was hesitant  to divulge. And, even then, he didn't reveal the whole mixture.

Tasters went tent-to-tent sampling the chefs creations, many with huge compliments.  McCorvey and the whole town seem to be having fun, but it's the community who will ultimately benefit.  Proceeds from today's events will help the Warwick-Lake Blackshear Business group give back to charitable causes.

"Any time you can get a group of people together and have fun and help other people, I think it's a great, a great thing,"  McCorvey said.

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