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Two murders and an unexplained death

September 20, 2003

Fitzgerald - Rudean Smith says her 20 year old son Julian was kind and loved by everyone. But his life was cut short Thursday night when he was murdered at bridge Creek Apartments...rumored to be in retaliation for a murder that happened last week. Rudean cries, "I hate whoever done this! I hate them! I hate them!" She says, "My son was killed because of this other boys death, but he didn't do it."

And now there's been another death.

An elderly woman was found dead in her Oconee Street home yesterday afternoon. The police won't comment, but Marshall Black says when he walked in to her home to check on her, he found her shot in the head.

"There's too much killing going on," says Black. If you have any information in any of these deaths, please contact the Fitzgerald police department at 229-426-5000.

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