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Demand for Lumber up before Isabel

September 19, 2003

Albany-- It will take a lot of lumber to rebuild from Hurricane Isabel. Lumber is already in high demand this year in part because of the building supplies needed in Iraq. Local suppliers say there is still enough to go around, but it's going to cost you.

The Contractor Yard in Albany stays busy, getting lumber shipments often. Manager Wendall Tillery says, "We get it in pretty regularly, everyday."

The contractor yard gets lumber shipments everyday, but their orders have been backed up a little bit. Tillery says, "If you order material it normally takes two or three weeks to get it in, where it use to take a week or so."

The hold up is partly due to rebuilding in Iraq. nat sot And Hurricane Isabel could slow it down even more, "It might." But, it's hard to say what the effects of Isabel will have on the lumber industry. One thing is for sure, the demand for lumber has doubled the price. Tillery says, "Take for instance OSB, use to be seven dollars a sheet, it's gone up to 14 dollars a sheet now."

Lumber is not cheap--but here at the Contractor Yard, there will be lumber to buy, "We have lumber to supply to our contractor to get the job done." It just might take a little longer to get it.

Wendall Tillery says the prices of lumber have gone up in the last two or three months.

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