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Moody partners with Moultrie to train pilots

September 19, 2003

Moultrie- Moody Air Force Base has teamed up with the city of Moultrie to better train Air Force pilots. The base will use Spence Field as an auxiliary airfield. "It's going to be a winning situation for the city of Moultrie, Moody Air Force Base, and the whole South Georgia region," said Lt. Col. James Beamon.

That means more in-depth training and better pilots for the U.S. Air Force. "It will give us more air space, more landings, practice, and in turn, more skilled pilots," said Beamon.

And Spence Field will see the benefits too. The Air Force will make $705,00.00 in structural improvements to the airfield. "There's numerous cracks in the runway that will be repaired, they're going to put in a new tower, and fire shelter," said Wayne Cooper, Moultrie City Councilman.

Cooper says Moultrie's economy should also see a boom. "The fire station they're going to put in will need employees, so that will give our citizens a new work force and bring more money into the city," said Cooper.

Spence Field is known for hosting the Sunbelt Agricultural Expo each year, but city officials say the training won't effect such events. The only noticeable changes will be positive.

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