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Companies send wood to help with natural disasters

September 18, 2003

Albany- Lumber supplies around South Georgia may be getting slimmer.

At Lowe's in Albany, there's a shortage of oriented strand board, which is used on the exterior of homes, businesses and for roofing. Many companies like Lowe's have shipped wood to help rebuild Iraq.

They're also supplying areas hit by natural disasters such as fires in the midwest and now Hurricane Isabel.

"We're having to limit what we can sell to our consumers and our contractors, which you know there's nothing we can do about that," said Jimmy Deen, an assistant manager at Lowe's. "We're trying to be fair to everybody in the market and make sure there's enough for everybody to go around."

You won't be paying more just because there may be less lumber. During natural disasters, Lowe's freezes prices on lumber.

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