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Georgia company will replace damaged utility poles

September 18, 2003

Camilla-- Hurricane Isabel is steering clear of south Georgia but some businesses are being affected by the storm. Balfour Pole Company is already getting calls from customers along the coast.

The Vice President of Balfour Pole Company, Mike Jones, doesn't wish bad weather on anyone, but he says that since the east coast storm is going to destroy utility poles, they might as well be replaced with his.

"We don't wish for hurricanes, but when they happen it certainly affects our business."

 And extra business, even business caused by a hurricane, is always welcome. "Our customers are already calling, and we keep a stock of extra poles on hand, and we will ship those up there."

The company always produces the same amount of poles so they're always ready for a crisis, and they won't have to raise prices in order to accomodate their customers. "They want us to send as many poles as we can, and we'll be ready when they see what their needs really are."

And just how much this South Georgia business is needed. The company also produces poles used for bridges and piers and plans to see a lot of business in that area as well.

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