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Moody equipment inspected

September 18, 2003

Lowndes County - Moody Air Force Base is making sure all of it's equipment is kept up to speed. One by one, each vehicle pulls to a check point for an inspection by base commanders. "We get the senior leaders involved so they get to see first hand how well their vehicles are being taken care of," said Lt. Col. Mark Harris.

These vehicles are the base's number one defense resources, and with the little funding the military gets for new equipment, it's crucial that they're taken care of. "Unlike the common consumer who can replace their vehicles every so many years, we have to run them as long as their serviceable to make use of the resources we're given," said Col. J.C. Cantrell.

The vehicles do everything from fueling aircraft to carrying troops into combat. That's why its so important they be inspected once a year. "They're assets we need here at Moody and when we deploy so it's key that they're operational," said Cantrell.

The commanders look for mechanical features, as well as cosmetic details. And in the end, every vehicle, and airmen gets a passing grade.

"The vehicles look outstanding, but they're only as outstanding as the airmen who operate them," said Cantrell.

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