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Seat belts on school buses?

September 17, 2003

Albany-- The students' injuries Tuesday came from being tossed around inside the school bus when it overturned.

School buses typically don't have seat belts because of the risk of children becoming trapped in case of a crash or fire. Bus seats are designed to protect children. They're padded and help absorb the shock of a collision.

In Tuesday's wreck, the school system's safety director says seatbelts would have caused more injuries instead of preventing them. Safety Director Dannetter Kauff says, "The wall pressing in absorbed a lot of the force of impact. If they had been buckled to that seat they would have taken much of the force plus the glass shattering that would have shattered down on them."

Only buses carrying special needs and pre-kindergarten students have seatbelts. That's because there are people on board to help them unbuckle their belts.

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