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Police warn motorists to slow down

September 17, 2003

Lee County - 14-year old Jake Wills was just hanging out with friends when he was struck and killed Friday night by an unmarked Lee County Sheriff's car.

State Trooper Scott McClure says, "He stopped in the middle of the roadway was waiting on his other friends to come, and also waiting on oncoming traffic and apparently stepped out into the road way not seeing the Sheriff's deputy until it was too late."

He was leaving a convenience store on highway 19 when he was hit. Sheriff Harold Breeden says the officer who hit him was going the speed limit. "They estimate him running 54-56 mph that's all he was running," said Breeden.

And the speed limit is 55 mph for most of the area on highway 19, but not at Century Road...it bumps down to 45 mph because it's such a dangerous intersection.

But the speed isn't just a problem for pedestrians. Just yesterday 16-year old Jon DiPietro was killed when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree.

"The evidence that we have from the roadway is that he was traveling too fast for conditions of that road," says Trooper McClure. "He lost control of his vehicle...we're not sure why, but speed was involved in the accident."

And Sheriff Breeden says unless motorists slow down, more wrecks are bound to happen. "I don't know what we're going to do,"says Breeden. "I just wish everybody would slow down. If you're running 55 mph compared to 75, you're not going to get there but about a minute earlier, that's all. And it's not worth it."

Another man, 30-year old Kell McCaskill, was killed September 5th, when a speeding car lost control on Highway 82 and landed on top of his pickup truck.

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