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Weed and Seed survey conducted

Weed and Seed Coordinator Tracey Barnes Weed and Seed Coordinator Tracey Barnes

September 17, 2003

Albany -- Albany Police go door to door to ask people in South Albany for their opinions about the community.

The Police Department hopes to start a second Weed and Seed program. This morning home owners were asked if community crime fighting programs could help them. Youth volunteers knock on doors in an Albany Police survey.

South Central Albany is being considered as a second Weed and Seed program area in the city. The Department of Justice would provide a $225,000 grant to pay for improvements to the area.

Weed and Seed Coordinator Tracey Barnes said "You have the weed part which is law enforcement. Community oriented policing removing the bad element. Then the seed part. By neighborhood restoration, prevention, intervention and treatment, doing programs that benefit people who live in the area."

More than five thousand people live in the proposed area, which includes Habersham Drive, Newton Road, Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, to Slappey Boulevard.

The volunteers said they enjoyed talking to the people while giving them this survey, which they feel is important. Albany Youth Opportunity student Andrea Willis said "A lot of people was excited about it. A lot of people felt like they needed improvement on certain areas around here."

The volunteers conducted 300 surveys. The responses will be used in the grant application, which must be turned in to the Department of Justice by October 31st.

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