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Lawsuit filed against Albany state representative

Lawrence Roberts Lawrence Roberts

September 17, 2003

Albany -- Embattled Albany State Representative Lawrence Roberts is being sued.

 The law firm of Devine and Dorough wants $109,000 back they paid to buy Robert's store and gas station. The sale never went through.

Roberts admits he cashed the check and says the lawsuit is politically motivated. Roberts said "If I write you a check I assume you can cash it. That's as far as I want to comment on that. We'll get all that settled out in the court system. And I look forward to having my day before a jury of my peers."

Tuesday afternoon Roberts turned over a check for $105,000 to Judge Willie Lockett. It will be held by the court until the lawsuit is heard.

 This is the not the first time Representative Roberts has been in court for financial problems. Earlier this year he was forced to pay back child support payments.

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