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Scheer calls trial ordeal "600 pound gorilla"

September 16, 2003

Albany-- For the first time in months, Monroe High School math teacher Bill Scheer doesn't have murder charges hanging over his head. Scheer was found not guilty yesterday after a second lengthy trial.

Scheer says that because prosecutors went after the wrong person, his father's killer will likely never be caught.

On November 25, 2002, Bill Scheer was hauled off to jail. He said then that he did not kill his father. Ten months and two trials later, "The answer still remains the same. No I did not."

Twice, prosecutors tried to prove Bill Scheer killed his father with a golf club, and twice they failed. "Bill did not do it. I've known that for 13 years," said his lawyer, Pete Donaldson. "No doubt in my mind. It would have been a terrible miscarriage had he been convicted."

"It feels great," said Scheer. "It's like a 600 pound gorilla got off your shoulder and is gonna leave you alone." It took a Bibb County jury less than two hours to conclude that Scheer didn't kill his father and less than two minutes to announce it.

"It's just a moment of pure terror because you don't really know what's gonna go on, and then it goes from, in that one second it goes from terror to relief and then to elation," said Scheer.

Elation and hope that 13 years of rumor and speculation will end. "It's always gonna be a little bit right there on my shoulder that somebody's gonna look at and say 'Hey, didn't you?' And it's always gonna be there but perhaps it'll be lessened."

Bill Scheer's worked in an administrative position since his arrest. Now he wants to teach again. "I'm a teacher, teachers belong in the classroom, however I'll leave that to [Superintendent] Dr. Whatley and her advisors."

And as for his father's killer-- "Thirteen years they could have probably put some good leads on it but the time's too far gone on that.

Does he have hope his father's killer will be caught?'

"Hope? Yeah. Realistically? I doubt it.'"

And it is doubtful. Bill Scheer is the only person investigators ever considered a suspect and with his acquittal, this is one case that will apparently remained unsolved.

Bill Scheer's going to take a few days off and then go back to work. The school superintendent has begun the process of finding a slot for him in the Dougherty County School System.

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