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Injured taken to local hospitals

September 16, 2003

Albany-- 12 injured children and the bus driver, Dorothy Wilson, were rushed to two Albany hospitals. Seven students with cuts and bruises were taken to Palmyra Hospital. The worst were transported to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Two of the injured came to the emergency room on backboards. Thankfully, they'll be walking out of the hospital today.

"I hit the window." 13-year-old John Castro got 16 stitches in his face, "I didn't know if I was bleeding, I touched my face and my whole hand was full of blood."

Castro's dad was at the hospital--all the injured students had family there.

"Scared, just hope everything was fine." Ed Chance had two children on the bus, 7-year-old Paige and 12-year-old Mina. Paige, the youngest on the bus, had a few scrapes on her face, "She just has some skinned places here, just shook up."

"They were all scared. I mean Paige was crying she didn't know what was going on with her sister, they were all scared," 18-year-old Kimberly Taylor was the oldest rider. She says the impact threw students around, "I think how he hit us and how the bus just flipped it could have been a whole lot worse."

The students were treated for cuts, bruises, and sore muscles. But, there will be lingering side effects. When I asked Ed Chance if his kids were going to ride the bus, seven-year-old Paige says, "No, no I'm going with Mommy." None of the kids say they want to get on the school bus tomorrow and for a long time.

Family members of the bus driver, Dorothy Wilson, say she too is doing well. The school system had counselors on hand at both hospitals for the students and family members to talk with.

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