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More than just a game

September 15, 2003

Bainbridge, Ga.--While success in any team sport is typically measured in wins and losses, one South Georgia football team uses a slightly different method. The Bainbridge Tigers are not so much as concerned with winning or losing, than they are with learning the lessons of life.

The Tigers, a youth football team affiliated through the Bainbridge and Decatur County YMCA, have travelled all over the country to play football in various tournaments. In fact the 11 and 12 year old team recently placed third in a tournament in Columbus, Ohio while the 9 and 10 year olds finished second in their age group.

Tigers head coach Scott Ingle says although the program is a success on the field, it's also a hit off of it, opening the eyes of young athletes in Bainbridge.

"We've taken them all the way across the United States and one kid even made the comment, 'Coach these people are just like us,' It teaches them not only football skills but life skills," Ingle said.

"It emphasizes three things. The basic principles of Christianity, homework and teamwork. So, we're very proud of them," YMCA chairman Larry Ware said

The Tigers hope to end their season on Thanksgiving weekend in the Bowl of Champions, the Super Bowl for youth football in the South East.

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