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Macon jury finds Bill Scheer not guilty

September 15, 2003

Macon-- The Macon jury decided in three hours what an Albany jury could not do in four days: reach a verdict.

Bill Scheer was charged with killing his own father, 13 years ago.

The state said the facts in the murder case all pointed to Bill Scheer’s guilt, but the defense said the prosecution twisted facts to fit their theories.

Bill Scheer's wife and children wiped away tears during the state's closing arguments. "We've shown evidence beyond a reasonable doubt," Assistant D.A. Greg Edwards said to the jury. "Bill Scheer is guilty."

Both sides touched on the 13-year span in which William Scheer was struck in the head with a golf club, and died.

"If they had uncovered evidence in 1990 that Bill Scheer left the high school, missed class, came in late to class, we wouldn't be here in 2003... We'd have been here in 1991," said defense attorney Pete Donaldson.

Donaldson spoke spftly to the jury saying "Who ever swung the club didn't know how to make the head of the club hit Mr. Scheer."

D.A. Ken Hodges brought out the golf club one last time. "This is the murder weapon, and that is how the defendant hit his father."

After the not-guilty verdict was announced, Bill Scheer went to his family, and embraced them in a group hug that lasted several minutes.

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