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Alligator hunting season begins

September 14, 2003

Decatur County - Georgia is allowing gator hunting in for the first time in decades. Only about 200 people received the hunting permits.

Jack Wingate used to swim in Lake Seminole...but he doesn't anymore. "Oh, you don't swim," says Wingate. "Everywhere they got a swimming area, they got a sign up saying gators are present, swim at your own risk."

Gators are everywhere at the lake. That's one of the reasons Decatur and Seminole Counties were picked as hunting zones for the reptiles.

Wingate says the hunt was successful. "They've had a wonderful hunt," he says. "They said they had never seen any place with as many alligators as there are out there. They enjoyed the hunt and I would imagine that next year there will be that many more."

The hunting season started on Saturday and runs through September 28th.

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