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Defense rests in the Scheer murder re-trial

September 12, 2003

Macon-- Bill Scheer’s kids were the last to testify, but first the jury heard a family conversation tapped by the GBI about Scheer getting indicted.

The phone conversations that were played in the courtroom Friday had not been used in the first trial. The Scheer family did not know that their phone had been tapped. They had just found out the Bill Scheer would be charged with murder.

Bill Scheer telling his daughter that he was about to be arrested for murder. "All I can tell you is to keep your chin up, don't let anything bother you."

The GBI tapped the phones on September 11, 2002. Scheer's wife Debra on the phone, "Dad's scared right now. I'm scared right now." Debra said the District attorney was barking up the wrong tree.

The defense called former Monroe teacher Lisa Pitts, who taught in the same mobile unit with Scheer.

"Can you fix the time before school at which you saw Bill Scheer that morning?" asked attorney Pete Donaldson.

"Since I was tutoring students, it would have been before first period started," she said.

Former art teacher Karen Swette Husain says she passed Scheer between 9:00 and 9:15 that morning. William Henry Scheer's body was found just after 9:00am. "He just looked like there was a since of urgency, a sense of panic, or concern on his face."

Back to the wiretap, Debra tells daughter Molly a secret about preserving evidence. "They have given that box to Keith, and if they come in here, we'll search for it with them."

"How can they search the house, momma, it was 12 years old?" asked Molly.

The tape was difficult to comprehend, but what Debra Scheer was saying was that they gave a box of evidence to a friend, Keith, and Molly asked how they could search their house, when the murder happened 12 years ago.

The prosecution called some rebuttal witnesses including a former student, who said that Bill Scheer was not in class the morning of his father's death.

The judge ended the session about 6:15PM. and is expected to resume Monday morning.

Saturday is the 13th anniversary of the William Henry Scheer's death.

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