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MCLB hosts Silent Drill Team

September 12, 2003

Albany - They move in perfect unison, and prove that The United States Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps really is All that Jazz.

Twelve-year-old Justin Fisher says they were his favorite, and his friends really missed out Friday. "They missed a lot," Justin says, "because you don't normally see too many people doing this."

After the music stopped, the only sound that was heard on the base was perfection, as the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team took the field.

High School students traveled to Albany from Florida and Alabama to see the Drill Team perform today. 11th grader Ryan Gregory says he hopes to learn a few new tricks from the Team.

Gregory says, "We wanted to come see the silent drill team and make our drill team better."

Staff Sergeant Justin Bakewell believes the best part of being on the Drill Team is the honor of representing those currently serving The United States in combat.

"We get a lot of recognition for what we do," says Bakewell, "But we're really just figure heads for them."

Figures that represent the Marine Corps well.

The U.S. Marine Battle Color Detachment is from Washington and performs nationwide at hundreds of events each year.

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