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Monsters come to S. GA

September 12, 2003

Albany- Hundreds of children spent the morning clapping, counting, and singing along with the stars of Sesame Street Live.

All eyes are fixed on the furry characters as the monsters became musicians. But of course everyone has their favorite.

"I like Cookie Monster the best, because I like cookies," says Jannah Brown.

Even the older fans have their favorite.

"I watched it when I was little and I'm encouraging all my grandchildren to watch it," says Teen Smith. "I'm partial to Elmo."

"I like Cookie Monster," laughs Joy Brown.

"We like Elmo, but we like Journey to Ernie and Big Bird also," admits Ivy Howard.

For decades Sesame Street characters have been entertaining and educating Americans.

"They try to get in valuable life lessons and that's a little more parent friendly I think and the show's are written on two levels, a level for the children and a level for the parents," says Tim Smutz, Company Manager.

It's that versatility that has kept the characters who live on Sesame Street in our neighborhoods for 33 years.

The monsters will be performing all weekend at the Albany Civic Center. Tickets are still available for both the 2 PM and 5:30 PM shows Saturday and Sunday.

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