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Moody airmen shed the pounds

September 12, 2003

Lowndes County - Civilian workers and airmen at Moody Air Force Base teamed up take off the pounds and put on the muscle.

"I lost about 26 pounds," said Master Sear gent Stephen Indovino. "I lost 11 pounds," said Staff Seargant Chelsea Montgomery.

How'd they do it? Through a base wide weight loss program called "600 pounds in 60 days." "It makes you really aware because you keep a food diary, you learn what exercises are best for you, and how to get the weight off in a healthy way," said Montgomery.

In the end, they exceeded their goal, losing a total of 751 pounds. The program is a response to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force's "Fit to Fight" order. Beginning in January, all airmen will have to be in top physical condition. "We're going to be doing more rigorous exercise routines, push ups, sit ups, anything we can do to be the fittest we can," said Lt. Col. Larry Kimm.

Not only did Master Sear gent Indivino lose 26 pounds, he also lowered his cholesterol and started a new daily exercise plan. He says being physically fit is the key in deployment. "Sometimes we're out there in 115 degree weather, and I've been there when I haven't been in shape and it's tough," said "Now that I'm in better shape, the next deployment shouldn't be as hard."

And every accomplishment deserves a reward...but not too much. "They can only have a two by two inch slice of cake, which has about 150 calories, and four ounces of the juice," said Montgomery.

Now it's time to start Part two of the program, a ton in 60 days."

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