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Fishermen help feed the hungry

September 12, 2003

Albany--  Fishermen for the Hungry has been raising money for the Food bank of Southwest Georgia for three years.

This year, fishermen will travel all over the state competing in the eight-tournament series.

"Fisherman come in at a bass tournament and all of the money they pay to get in, all the proceeds go to the food bank," says Alicia Evans of the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia.

"It's great. It is a great deal becasue I've been in the wharehouse here locally and seen the food that's distributed to the kitchens that take it a prepare it for the hungry," adds fisherman Otho Sanders.

The Food Bank can purchase $23.00 of food for every dollar they receive.

The 7th stop of the tournament series will be held at Lake Blackshear on September 26th.

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