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Technology comes to the golf course

September 11, 2003

Albany- The world of satellite technology has come to Albany's Stonebridge Country Club.

Those playing a round of golf will now be able to use the Global Positiioning System designed by ParView.

 This state of the art GPS system not only provides players with distances to the pin but also a
ten-inch color t.v. monitor provides players with layout of each hole complete with distances to things such as fairway bunkers off the tee.

The new system also keeps players scores and they can also report lost or found clubs and can request assistance from the Stonebridge staff.

 The Stonebridge staff can also keep up with every player on the course through their computer system in the pro shop that not only tells them where every cart is at the moment but where it has been.

All the information the ParView GPS system provides to players has already made for a quicker round of golf at the Stonebridge Country Club.

Stonebridge pro Rob Allen said "The speed of play has increased dramatically. In fact, it has got alot of record keeping in the system and from day one until today the average round has decreased by 15 minutes. So, we are now down to a three hour and 40 minute round of golf now because of that system"

The cost for this new state of the art system is not coming from club members but advertisers. 15 local businesses are sponsoring the GPS system and ads promoting their business appear on screen during the round of golf.

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