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Day four of the Bill Scheer murder retrial

September 11, 2003

Macon--  The prosecution expected to finish witnesses by noon, but a videotape slowed them down.

Former APD Detective Ray Folsom told the jury that Bill Scheer brought in notes to the police interview, which he found unusual. He added that Scheer showed no grief.

"Was there laughter coming from the defendant during this interview," asked D. A. Ken Hodges.

"Yes," replied Folsom.

"This was the day after his father was murdered?"

"Yes," Folsom said again.

The trial slowed when the defense objected to a re-enactment tape. The judge sustained, and the state had to re-edit their tape at the Macon Police Department.

Two hours later; "With them redacting out the re-enactment portion dealing with Ms. Landsden and Ms. Kelley, I will allow those to be played over objection," said Superior Court Judge Stephen Goss.

The 24-minute route from his work to his home, selected by the District Attorney, was shown to the jury on videotape. The defense argued that these routes were taped and chosen by the D.A., and they did not know which was Scheer was going that morning, or coming back from school.

They also point out that the tape was made this year, and not 13 years ago, and much has changed since.

The prosecution has rested. Closing arguments could be made late Friday, or Monday.

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